Five Major Factors to Consider When Hiring Security Guards at Sydney

In whatever business you are involved in, you may fall victim to vandalism, theft and intrusion among others. Thus, there is a need to hire security guards to be part of your staff to guarantee the security of your staff and assets.

Fortunately, there are several security agencies across Sydney in Australia with high-level security guards that take their work seriously. They are involved with monitoring people entering/leaving your premises, checking security cameras, and also patrolling the buildings.

Here are some of the factors that you need to take a closer look at when hiring security guards to protect your assets.

What to consider when hiring security guards?

  • Size and nature of your business

When hiring security guards, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the size and nature of your business, as it will greatly influence the type of guards to opt for. For example, for a bank, you will need highly-trained security guards that can detect and stop crime. On the other hand, you only need guards that can prevent shoplifting for a retail store. Hence, you have to know your worth before bringing in the right security guards.

  • Well-trained and licensed

No matter the type or size of your business, you should always go for security guards that are trained and licensed to offer their services. Many security agencies have a well-outlined procedure for vetting applicants and selecting the best that qualify for the job. The successful applicants then undergo vigorous training after which they are made available to the public.

  • They should be insured

Keeping in mind the risky nature of the security job, it is important that the guards are insured by their agencies so that in case they experience violence while on your property and require medical attention, they can easily be assisted by the company that insured them. This will help to lessen your burden and give you time to focus on your business and let the security guards take care of other things as required.

  • They have monitoring technology

 Currently, most businesses have impressed the use of technology in the greater part of their daily operations. To be more precise, security agencies have deployed a mobile monitoring app that is capable of keeping the business owner up-to-date with reports from the security guards around his or her company. The app also allows the owner to monitor the guards’ movements at any point in time. This way, the owner can affirm that the guards are doing their job and if not, then he or she calls them to order immediately. Comvision offers body cameras and other equipment that security personnel can use in monitoring an area.

  • Clearly-defined services

Before approaching any security agency, you should first find out if they have an elaborate set of services that they can guarantee you in case you become their client. This will give you an insight into what to expect from the company and the benefits that you will reap as one of their clients.

Hiring security guards in your business premises is one of the most demanding tasks yet it cannot be avoided. So you have to take all the time in going through the above factors and make sure that the choice you make on the security agency to work with is just what your business needs. You can also go a step further and engage experts in helping you to choose the best security agency.

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