We proudly welcome you to Center for Design Innovation.

We are a team of professional designers and a pioneer in design Innovation who have made it our mission to enhance creative talent globally by leveraging on the internet to reach out to thousands of aspiring designers in the global design community to provide virtual training, create remote jobs as well as provide informative content on different aspects of design and trends in the design industry. We specialize in different aspects of design from web design and hosting, graphics and multimedia design, programming, 3D animation designs, virtual reality, and much more.

It’s our goal to work towards creating a global network of talented creatives ready to take up design projects from any part of the globe. Because the internet has made the world a global village, these projects will be done remotely. We have already registered tremendous successes having become one of the largest networks of creatives globally. Through the Center for Design platform, thousands of creatives from around the world have been able to enhance their design knowledge, and secure full-time as well as part-time design projects, and delivered on time to our very fast growing list of happy clients.

We’ll strive to continue being the link between creatives and prospective clients and we look forward to bringing you into our fold.

Thank you!

The Center for Design Innovation team