4 Top mistakes of Designers that you must know

Graphic design is more of an art than it is a profession therefore taking a graphic design training course and mastering the use of the different design programs is not enough. A designer must work towards developing and mastering their artistic and creative abilities.

When it comes to graphic design, there are a number of errors that have proven to be common among many designers, both professional and amateur. We’ll take a look at 4 common mistakes that designers should try their best to avoid.

#1 Choosing of wrong font typefaces

When working with images during design, it’s always important to add a few lines of text to help enhance the clarity of the messaging. The text has to be well aligned and consistent with the image in terms of font typefaces that blends well with the background as well as with the tone of the image.

#2 Failing to consider color consistency

In graphic design, many designers tend forget that colors are not meant to be used randomly, there are rules set to ensure that colors are used correctly to ensure they blend well in the design and don’t confuse the audience and distract them from the key message.

#3 Using just one design software

Designers must be aware that there’s a reason why there are different design software. Different software performs different functions and in most cases, to get the best out of them, you must use two or three together. Even though one will be able to do the job, you will realize that there’s another one that will help further strengthen your design.

#4 Overdoing it in terms of special effects

This is happens when designers simply don’t know when to stop with the special effects. Different design software has numerous inbuilt special effects and it’s important for a designer to know when they should use them and when they shouldn’t as well as how many effects they can add. Putting too many special effects in one design is like putting many spices in your food. It will turn out really bad.

These are simple mistakes that can be corrected and it just requires the designer to be willing to look at the work of other successful professionals in the industry and learn from them.

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