Here are 6 basic tips for beginners in graphic design

Every budding graphics designer desires to be the best. They look at other professionals who have made it in the design industry and wish they could enjoy such success. This is very possible if they are willing to learn. No designer is born knowing everything. It took time to hone their skills. Beginners in design therefore have the advantage of learning from those who have been around before them so that they can able to avoid some of the mistakes made by amateurs.

Here are 6 basic tips from a professional designer.

1 The minimum line height to use is 1.6 inches

When adding text to your design, many beginners in design have always wondered what the best line height is. Well, you must ensure that whatever line height you choose to use, the minimum must be at least 1.6 inches. This will ensure your text doesn’t appear too crowded.

2 Restrict yourself to two font types


You may have an arsenal of fonts in your design studio but it’s unnecessary to use them all in your design work. As a rule of thumb, try to restrict yourself to two font types and ensure they combine well. Ideally, one type should be for your headings and the other for the body.

3 Short paragraphs are better than long ones

When incorporating text in graphics design, the idea is to use them as a way of enhancing your communication. Therefore, you must learn to use short and concise paragraphs that the audience will quickly read and understand. As a rule, your lines should have 58 characters max.

4 Limit yourself to two font colors

You may be tempted to use colors to make your design appear more vibrant but it’s advisable to restrict yourself to two colors for your fonts which blend well and are part of what you’re trying to communicate. For instance, you can use one color for user-action phrases and another color for branding items.

5 It’s OK to borrow ideas from others

Copying in design is a huge NO! But borrowing ideas is perfectly fine. You can therefore lift an idea you have seen a designer use in another website but don’t copy the entire website. Part of developing ideas is improving on other people’s already existing ideas.

6 Spacing between text is important

When using text in design, don’t forget to space in between lines of text. A space after a line for instance between the heading and body enables the reader to see the distinction. Failure to include space will create the impression that it’s a continuous paragraph.

These are things that a designer will learn to perfect over time therefore you shouldn’t pressure yourself into figuring things out quick. As long as you have the willingness to learn, you should be ok.


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