5 tips for designing a cover for an e-book

The internet is filled with thousands and thousands of e-books therefore it’s vital for a designer to be able to come up with an outstanding design for the cover to ensure that the book stands out by grabbing the attention of the person surfing the web. Audiences generally judge the electronic books by the cover, and as we know, first impressions are very important. This will influence the reader’s decision to click on the e-book and even download it.

Here are 5 tips for you to consider when designing an e-book cover.

First: Ensure you use an expressive picture

When it comes to cover pages, the key is in simplicity and clarity. Ensure you use an expressive picture that is simple and clearly explains what the book is about. You have to keep in mind that the audience will first see the thumbnail therefore it must clearly communicate and give them a reason to click on it.

Second: Use simple and clear words

Just as is the case with pictures, the words you choose must be easy to read, clear and relevant to the content that is contained in the e-book. This means you must select the right typeface and color that blends perfectly with the background.

Third: Consider the rules about space in your design

Taking into consideration the rules about space between text, images and other graphics is vital because it’s the difference between communicating and miss-communicating. Keep in mind that the e-book will be accessed through different platforms from PC to mobile therefore when your cover image is resized to fit the different screen sizes, you don’t want its content to look all jumbled up and unreadable.

Fourth: Pay attention to the requirements of the host website

When the host website requires you to provide your image design in a specific resolution, ensure you pay attention. Different websites are optimized for different PC and mobile platforms therefore they’ll require images in a specific resolution so that they can still appear clear regardless of the platform they’re viewed from.

Fifth: Develop a trademark for the author

As part of building the brand of the e-book’s author, you must ensure that if you’re responsible for all their design work, there is consistency in font type and color, and in other branding elements to ensure that the author’s books are easily recognizable. This ensures that the author has a recognized trademark and readers can quickly identify their e-books.

Apply all these and you’re guaranteed to be a very successful designer for e-books.

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