3 reasons you should use grids during logo design

One of the most important brand elements for an organization is its logo. This is what customers learn to associate with the brand in addition to other brand elements like corporate colors. The logo becomes an important part of the company’s trademark. This is important information for a graphics designer to be aware of when they are designing a corporate logo so that they can treat it with the importance it requires.

A designer therefore needs to pay closer attention when designing a logo to ensure that it’s symmetrical, and well represents the brand. One of the ways of achieving this is by making use of grids when designing. This is applicable for both experienced and amateur designers.

Below are 3 reasons why you should use grids during logo design.

#1 Grids help in keeping your work more organized

When using grids during logo design, they give you a clear picture of the actual space the logo will occupy. When you’re conscious about this, you are better placed to keep your work more organized as you will be able to use the correct spacing between the logo and the tagline, ensure things are well aligned, among other things. This will even help you do your design work much faster.

#2 Grids help you experiment more with your creativity

As mentioned above, grids help you have a clear picture of the space the logo will occupy. When you are able to visualize this you find it easier to experiment with creativity as ideas flow in your head about how to make good use of the space around the logo.

#3 Grids help in ensuring consistency, proportion, and harmony

When you use grids while doing the logo design, it will become much easier to ensure consistency, proportion and harmony in your work. This is because grids provide you a guide on how and where to place the different components of your logo and because grids in their nature are perfectly calculated and balanced, they ensure your logo has perfect structural harmony.

If you’re new to design, grids are good and they have tremendous value to the design process. It’s however important to also know that you can still do your design perfectly without having to use grids but, they still are pretty useful design tools that you should make a point of using as frequently as you can. They will make the design process pretty easy and rewarding.

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