CDI is:

"intentionally, viscerally, by design public-private, interdisciplinary and interinstitutional; [our] very existence comes about in response to a clearly-identified cluster of community economic activity; [we] are truly madly deeply about innovation, the key to our future economy; and [we] are linked by charter to our community colleges. ...those are the really supercool distinctives."

CDI is a multi-campus research center within the state-wide University of North Carolina system. Our goal is to catalyze economic transformation of the state's Piedmont area through design-focused activity based on advanced digital technologies.

CDI's constituent campuses are the UNC School of the Arts and Winston-Salem State University, collaborating with Forsyth Technical Community College. On a project basis we work broadly with members of academic, business, and community organizations across the U.S. and internationally. We deliberately work across disciplines, organizations, and economic sectors in order to generate innovative results. Additional information about the history of the CDI can be found here.

CDI 2.0 Program Framework

CDI 2.0 program framework builds from our historical roots to ignite research, learning, and entrepreneurial activities designed to leverage our new facilities. The CDI 2.0 program framework consists of three overlapping branches.

1. Cultivating Future Innovators (CFI@CDI)

Providing a path for participation in the creative technology innovation economy.


Keywords: Tech Sandbox, Rapid Prototyping, DIY, hacking, making, electronics, soft goods, community outreach, creativity, incubation, workshops, mentors, residencies, symposiums.

2. New Performance Studies (NPS@CDI)

Immersive, interdisciplinary, and computational research that generates insights about human life.


Keywords: CUBE, interactive, immersive, performance, big data visualization, motion capture, sound, multimedia, building as instrument

3. CDI Launch
The locus of the CDI heart beat for creativity, discovery, reflection, innovation, and entrepreneurialism.

Keywords: Incubator, research teams, design ideation and brainstorming, presentations, workspace, workshops, technology and idea transfer, business mentorship, comradery, Great expresso, BUZZ!


Medical Device Created Using Rapid Prototyping

Example of Motion Capture Technology

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