CDI is a multi-campus research center within the state-wide University of North Carolina system. Our goal is to catalyze economic transformation of the state's Piedmont area through design-focused activity based on advanced digital technologies.

Currently CDI's constituent campuses are the UNC School of the Arts and Winston-Salem State University, collaborating with Forsyth Technical Community College. On a project basis we work broadly with members of various academic, business, and community organizations. We deliberately work across disciplines, organizations, and economic sectors in order to generate innovative results.

A 24,000 square-foot permanent facility is emerging in the south end of Innovation Quarter. Meanwhile CDI is operating from an interim facility in downtown Winston-Salem.

The staff and collaborators are assembling technologies to support health care and wellbeing through the design of products and services and to serve education, communication, and entertainment through digital creations such as animations, games, simulations, online courseware, and mobile apps.

We are beginning projects related to CDI's key capabilities in Motion Capture and Rapid Prototyping. The work involves development of techniques in data analysis, modeling, and visualization.

Much of CDI's work goes beyond using existing knowledge and technologies. Our approach is to conduct research in order to generate new ideas, techniques, and educational content. CDI's reach extends internationally as we contribute to relevant research areas. We collaborate to develop research results as entrepreneurial ventures and marketable innovations. We also work to support existing businesses and attract new ones to the region.

A growing number of workshops and other enrichment programs offer learning opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. These programs tend to bring together topics that are normally considered "artistic" or "scientific." By supporting engagement with digital media that combine these aspects of thinking and productivity, we help community members to strengthen both their "soft skills" and "STEM" skills (in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Interdisciplinary blends are core to CDI's innovative approach, for both learning and research. Through continually evolving collaborations, we are steadily expanding the range of projects. Please visit us and join the Idea Exchange, workshops and other emerging programs.

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Medical Device Created Using Rapid Prototyping

Example of Motion Capture Technology

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