7 things that will make your designs stand out

The art of making your designs stand out is focusing on the tiny detail. It’s through attention to details that you will be able to differentiate between an amateur designer and a professional designer. In most cases, failure to being attentive to detail will affect the way your final design comes out and its ability […]

5 tips for designing a cover for an e-book

The internet is filled with thousands and thousands of e-books therefore it’s vital for a designer to be able to come up with an outstanding design for the cover to ensure that the book stands out by grabbing the attention of the person surfing the web. Audiences generally judge the electronic books by the cover, […]

4 Top mistakes of Designers that you must know

Graphic design is more of an art than it is a profession therefore taking a graphic design training course and mastering the use of the different design programs is not enough. A designer must work towards developing and mastering their artistic and creative abilities. When it comes to graphic design, there are a number of […]